The Grand House

A Cover Preview!

We got our favorite West Elm catalog in the mail and I about FELL OVER!


“That’s our house!!” I screamed to Mark.

I mean…it’s what our house will eventually be!

You can’t tell from the outside right now, but this home we’re renovating is a beautiful Victorian that screams old school grandeur.

home improvement ideas

Mark and I have more of a modern, casual style.

So…as soon as I saw this catalogue picture…I knew instantly that’s how we’ll decorate the inside.


See the big windows and the crown molding? That’s exactly what we have.

We also have original wood floors and a large entryway.


I absolutely love how they combined the Victorian features with modern furniture and splashes of color!

Even though we are not even close to that yet…it’s nice to have a visual image to work toward and get excited for!

Right now, the only visuals we have are dirty construction sites…


And crumbling brick interiors!


Hopefully we’ll finish this passion project before Henry graduates college! 😉

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