An ode to the stay at home mom!

Holy crap. OMG. You’re kidding me?!

That’s what I say when I meet Mommas who stay at home full time…most of them with more than one kid.

During my maternity leave, I’ve met so many moms who are raising their kids…without family nearby…many of whom suffered with postpartum depression…and they are STILL kicking it and rocking it and are just SO. DAMN. IMPRESSIVE.

After I tell them they’re amazing…I then say to them, “You are a warrior.”

I have been home with my sweet Henry for about 8 weeks.


It is awesome and it is really freaking HARD.

And here’s the thing…I have a REALLY GOOD baby. Hank has a chill disposition and loves noise, the car and people.


He took to breastfeeding right away and likes to sleep.


Thankfully, I didn’t have postpartum depression and I physically feel very good.


I also have my mom to help me. She lives 10 minutes away and considers herself a full time “grandnanny” for her grandchildren.

Technically, I have it made…and I love being a mom…but it’s exhausting and monotonous and utterly consuming.

Going back to my TV job is going to feel like EASY STREET, my friends.


I never would have had an appreciation for stay at home moms had I not had a child.

Let me tell you…the things they accomplish are the hardest things in life…like getting a crying baby to sleep, caring for a sick child and raising little people into fully functioning adults.

We should elect a stay at home mom to be the next President. That lady would get s&!$ done!!!

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One thought on “An ode to the stay at home mom!

  1. Heather says:

    You have a beautiful family!! Baby Henry is so cute!! So happy for you all. Enjoy him because it goes so fast…. I am a mother of a 16 & 4 year old daughters.

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