The Grand House

Does Anybody Need A Tub?

For those of you following along (we love you!)…you are well aware that Mark and I tore down the entire front brick wall of our Victorian home.

While we were at it we thought…what the hell…let’s tear down the back too! 🙂


Tony G and his crew demoed this white structure which was a tiny kitchen on the very back end of the house.


The upper level of the brick addition on the home came down as well.


That’s where we had the bathtub sticking out for all to see! Does anybody need a tub?! 😉


The bricks that came down were used to rebuild the front brick wall…and the plan is to turn this portion into a second level outdoor patio with an outdoor fireplace.

You might think a newborn baby has slowed us down, but Mark and Hank are already designing the new outdoor patio and kitchen.


And all of you know that Mark’s eye for style is on point and the rough draft drawings of the patio and kitchen are FAB-U-LOUS.

Can’t wait to show you!

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3 thoughts on “Does Anybody Need A Tub?

  1. Steve Stone says:

    Love those old tubs! Thanks for letting us have a peek into yours, Mark’s and Hank’s wonderful life journey!

  2. These blog posts are almost painful for me. I just love seeing old home makeovers but watching it in real time is so much slower than watching This Old House. I can’t wait to see your progress reports!

  3. Terry says:

    I have to admit it you guys have your work cut out for you! Not sure We could have taken a project on like that : )

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