Onward We Go!

After 12 awesome weeks with my sweet, sweet boy…Momma is heading back to work!


I’m excited to go back…although I’m sure I will shed a few tears.

I do take great, GREAT comfort in the fact that Henry will be spending his days with my mom…his Nana.

Henry loves his Nana…he loves to coo and smile at her…and his favorite cousin Lily also loves him to bits. Hank, Lily and Nana will have more fun than I can even imagine!

I know I’m doing the right thing by going back to work.


I want Henry to have a life filled with every opportunity possible, and Momma’s job is to finance those opportunities in addition to loving him to pieces!


Daddy works very hard too…and we are so proud of the progress he’s making on the new house for the 3 of us!

Onward we go!

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