There is no time to blog!

I wrote this blog in 7 minutes as Hank the Tank finished snoozing. (That Patriots onesie is for you, Uncle Dave!)


I’m back at WPXI which means I’m a working mom…and Dear Jesus in heaven…I have no free time!!


I’m sure I’ll get better as the weeks go by and bring you some super stellar blog posts about our house and baby…that is my goal.


But all I’ve got for you today is that I spend every waking second Monday through Friday either nursing Hank, cooing with him, changing him, getting him to my mom’s, working on news stories, pumping, eating and maybe fitting in a bathroom break!


When I get home, I still can’t blog because I have to prep food, bottles, pumping stuff and clothes for the next day!


Then I fall asleep at exactly 8:32 pm because I’m. So. Damn. Tired.

To all you working parents out there…kudos! And please tell me it gets easier! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “There is no time to blog!

  1. It will get a little easier, but there is nOT enough hrs in a day. Your Husband has to pitch in and help. I raised two Children alone while working 3 shifts. No one said it’s easy. But it will can down, you need to get in a routine for your sanity and Hanks. Good luck!!

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