Renovating a house vs. Raising a kid

Mark and I are trying to figure out what’s harder…renovating a house or raising a baby?


I think the time we put into both might be comparable.

When I’m with Henry on the weekends, Mark is at the house for a full 8 hours working his butt off.

The only difference is that I get big coos and toothless smiles and Mark just gets a face full of dust.


The money is not comparable. Renovating a house is EXPENSIVE…even when you’re doing most of the work yourself!

Hank the Tank is super cheap (right now!). My breast milk is free and people bought so many cute clothes for him, I have not purchased an outfit for him since he was born. (Thanks Aunt Sabrina for this snowsuit!)


The reward is different. Progress on a house can be more of a long term reward with parts of immediate satisfaction sprinkled in between.

I know Mark and I would feel SUPER accomplished after a hard day of renovating and even more proud when it was all done.


With Henry…I feel very accomplished when I get him to sleep…or get the boogers out of his nose…or get a great big smile out of him! I think the long term reward with Hank will be when he is a happy, fully functioning adult and we can breathe a sigh of relief!

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