The Grand House

Major Milestones

We’ve hit some pretty big milestones this week…with Hank the Tank and with the new house!


Our big boy has figured out how to roll over.

Now, he won’t stop. Put him on the floor and the kid will roll to the next room…or under the table…or anywhere else to freak us out!


The major masonry work on the new house was also finished this week.

Even though Mark probably permanently damaged his arm from cleaning 3,000 bricks…all that hard work paid off.

I’ve got to do a blog post with a full reveal of the brick work complete with before and after shots…promise I’ll get to that!

Also exciting for us…Henry slept a full five hours without waking up and when you hold him on your hip, he can now keep his back, head and neck very straight.


This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this is our world now and we get excited over the smallest things with this sweet boy!

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4 thoughts on “Major Milestones

  1. All those accomplishments with Hank are a big deal, especially to you and Mark. Marks accomplishments on the house are a huge deal BUT tell Mark to “nurse that pitching arm” it really is a “blink of an eye” till Hank is playing ball. Not far at all.

  2. Marlene Du Bois Kremer says:

    I love reading about Hank & also about how the house is coming along. Please keep us up to date. Thanks

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