The Grand House

We almost power washed our kid.

Hank got this new kick ass stroller (which is nicer than my car) and we’ve been spending most of our time outside!

We visit Dad while he works on the new house at least 5 times every weekend.

Last Saturday and Sunday, Mark power washed the new brick addition and the front facade of the house.

I told him to be extra careful because he is not allowed to fall off the ladder or scaffolding because I am not raising this baby by myself. 🙂

Mark’s first attempt at power washing didn’t go well because the machine he rented wasn’t strong enough…he said he could rinse Henry off with it. Ha!

He got a stronger one and blasted away.

Next step is to order windows…we’re getting new ones that look like the old original ones to go with the feel of the house…can’t wait!

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