Watch Your Mouth!

My sweet boy is googling and gurgling and making all sorts of sounds as he tries to figure out how to talk!

While this is amazing, it’s also giving me major anxiety because I have a horrible mouth…as in, I could make a sailor blush. 🙂

I am not proud (and I know my mother is mortified by this) and I am working on it, but the other night while we were playing with Hank the Tank and rolling around on the floor…I spilled my wine glass.

Guess what? Red wine STAINS! And Momma unleashed a fiery, profanity-laced tirade.

I am praying to God that Hank’s first word is Mama or Dada or anything but what he heard in that moment! Ahhhhh!!!

Since I just gave you a wonderful example of poor parenting, I’m going to have my sister, Kelly, chime in as well…because it’s nice to know that she’s not perfect either. 😉

Hey everyone! This is Kelly and I’m going to tell you how my 2-year-old plays “titties.”

Tickle. That’s what she means. TICKLE.

Don’t go thinking we teach our toddler body terminology that our adult friends don’t even say…

Her daddy tickles her back with his beard. It’s their little game before bed time. He tickles her back — She “titties” his arms and neck.

The problem is…she gets really excited and playful around kids, so she yells at the playground that she wants to “play titties.”

I know how that sounds.

But just smile like we do and move on. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Watch Your Mouth!

  1. Kathy & David Borgese says:

    HaHa Courtney, Don’t worry about it. The first time he uses a profanity in front of your mother-in-law (much worse than mother) you’ll clean it up!! Hank is ADORABLE!! Please tell everyone we said ‘hello’.

  2. Carol Schad Zivic says:

    I think it’s funny because I like to swear too !! 😳😂 and now my grandson says some bad words too ( in the right context) and I get yelled at !

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