Vacation and poop…like LOTS of poop.

We’ve been away from the blog for a hot minute because we’ve been living life…and taking care of a 7-month-old who is a VERY busy boy!

A few weeks ago, we took Henry to Toronto to see his cousins…

He loved every minute of the trip including when he blew out his diaper in the car and had poop all over him and the car seat.

Mark and I laughed and laughed as we cleaned him in the middle of a Tim Horton’s parking lot….hahaha!!!

Hank the Tank is quite the traveler and LOVED the Jersey Shore last week!

He loved the ocean, the sun and sand…even when he ate a handful of it.

Best. Kid. Ever.

A life lesson Mark and I learned very quickly last week…vacationing with a 7-month-old is NOT relaxing.

Thankfully, we were there with family and friends who helped out so that Mark and I could drink a beer…or two.

It’s all back to work now…and back to working on the new house…which will feel like a vacation compared to vacationing with my favorite Chubba Bubba!

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2 thoughts on “Vacation and poop…like LOTS of poop.

  1. Aunt Lorraine says:

    Poop or not, King Henry is the handsomest boy in the world, also the happiest!!!! Love that baby boy, Love him so much, Aunt Lorraine.

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