Of Course, Henry Took His First Steps In A Bar!

Since our sweet boy is a purveyor of all the fine establishments in Lawrenceville, it’s only fitting that he took his first steps at Franktuary!

Franktuary serves gourmet hot dogs (Mark’s favorite!) and poutines (Mark’s other favorite!) and so it was the absolute perfect place for Henry to take his first 5 steps.

The bartender, waitresses and other patrons cheered for him and then he gave everyone a Hi-5 because he just learned how to do that and loves it.

My sweet boy is also a biter…and seems to only bite the women in his life!

That would be me, my mom and my sister. (He tries to bite cousin Lily but hasn’t yet.)

I have 2 bruises from where Henry’s little shark teeth made me bleed. Every time I tell him “NO biting!” he laughs…and then I laugh…and then we just continue with this ridiculousness.

He’s so cute when he laughs that I can’t keep a straight face. Pretty sure that’s not going to bode well for me as a mom!

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One thought on “Of Course, Henry Took His First Steps In A Bar!

  1. Kitty says:

    I love reading your little blogs about Henry. Thank you for your time for letting us love Henry about as much as you and Mark do.

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