The Grand House

Dormer Demolition!

We made some BIG progress on the new house in the past several weeks! Yay!

Mark and my super fantastic brother-in-law, Kevin, got on the roof and demo-ed the two dormers.

Our plan is for that third floor to be two kids rooms with a bathroom, and so we wanted to double the size of the dormers to make that space bigger.

Mark and Kevin got all the demolition done in about six hours and did not fall off the roof. SUCCESS!

We then had an AMAZING Amish crew come in and rebuild the new, bigger dormers.

Mark wanted to help, but the crew was so talented that he just stayed out of their way and watched and learned!

We love how the expanded dormers add so much light and extra height room!

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One thought on “Dormer Demolition!

  1. Gary says:

    Yeah the Amish really know their stuff, and do incredible work. I’ve heard tell that they will usually perform any future repair work (which is rarely needed until much further down the road) free of charge, as well. Good folk, those Amish. 🙂

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