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Christmas with the Champion Eater!

You know Christmas is going to be great when Hank the Tank looks this good in his holiday pajamas!!!


Sweet baby boy did not disappoint this Christmas…he woke up VERY HAPPY although he has no idea who Santa is and could have cared less that we bought him a Tickle Me Elmo.


Henry’s Nana and Pap went all out with the gifts for him and cousins Lily and Caroline.


Henry got like 20 new truck books and a tiny keyboard that he points at and shouts “Oooooo!!!”


We also celebrated Christmas with a non-stop day of eating. Henry, you know, is a champion eater who had ham and eggs in the morning…3 different casseroles at his Aunt Susie’s for lunch…and prime rib, potatoes and tiramisu at his favorite Aunt Trudy’s!


I didn’t get Mark a gift and he didn’t get me one…we put a new roof on the new house instead.


I always thought I’d love diamonds under the tree…but now I’m a girl who gets excited about new shingles and a french door that’s coming in a few weeks!

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