The Row House

Baby proofing to the MAX!

We love our cool little house, but we definitely designed it for adults with its exposed brick and hard wood floors, a concrete dining room table and floating stairs with sharp edges.

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I love our house even more with our 13-month-old in it even though we are constantly trying to make sure he doesn’t slip, fall or crack his head on a corner.

Now, we are baby proofing to the max and Henry is helping.

He helped his Daddy pick up and carry out these pipe insulators from Home Depot.

We put them on the edges of our stairs. Of course, Henry’s favorite thing is to take them off!

My little man…I love how he is a mini version of Mark with his love of all things Home Depot!

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2 thoughts on “Baby proofing to the MAX!

  1. Jan says:

    i New that wasn’t a baby proof home but who am I to comment? We use the pool noodles for covering pipes etc. u can use them for just about anything and they’re cheap after summer. 75% off!

  2. I remember baby proofing my home with my older son, but not with my younger one. Not once did he head butt the corner of a table! Maybe I was lucky

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