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Our City Backyard

We love living in the city.  We love the noise and the traffic and the walkability of our cool little neighborhood.

Henry is a total city kid…he runs up and down the sidewalks like he owns them, waves to all the bus drivers and loves the banana bread at our local coffee shop.

Backyard space is hard to come by in Lawrenceville. At our #RealLifeReno, Mark really wanted to make our small yard a nature oasis in the city.

He planted a tall Bloodgood London Planetree in the far back of our lot.  We call it “Henry’s Tree” and planted it shortly after he was born.

We’ve got 3 smaller trees that are called Hornbeam plus some sidewalks trees that we got from Tree Pittsburgh.  They really add shade, beauty and charm to the normal concrete-jungle that is city living.

Mark decided on Arborvitae Nigra for our “natural fence” that borders our neighbor’s yard and planted Yew hedge as filler for the rest of our backyard space.

The backyard is right off the French doors that lead into the kitchen.

We wanted to create a place where Henry can dig in the dirt and push his trucks around while I’m in the kitchen cooking…(really I’ll be drinking coffee and heating up food in the microwave.)

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4 thoughts on “Our City Backyard

  1. Tracy Gray says:

    Courtney, I love your house and yard. I live in Mt. Washington and I always worried about how small our yard was but my two girls absolutely loved it and it worked for through their young years! Thanks for sharing. Tracy

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