The Grand House

Ummmm…where have you been?!

I am asking myself this question and answering it…we have been busy!

Blogging has taken a back seat to REAL LIFE these last few months, but I have sooo many exciting things to share on the house front so let’s JUMP RIGHT IN.

Mark has all the interior walls, doorways and closets built.

Most of the ceilings are done as well including the HVAC systems and all the plumbing. YAY!

The kitchen, and all the other rooms, are ready for our spray foam crew that’s coming in at the end of March.

Here’s what we’re thinking for the kitchen…I got these photos from Pinterest.

I want a bright kitchen and Mark and I are both partial to gray. We also like the reclaimed wood floor and the white subway tiles as a backsplash.

I also love this kitchen inspiration from Pinterest…

I think we could get away with a darker cabinet because we have big windows and a French door that will let in lots of light and keep the space bright!

Would love to hear your thoughts and what you look for in a kitchen!!

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14 thoughts on “Ummmm…where have you been?!

  1. Linda White says:

    Love the gray!!! I suggest stay neutral so you can add/change splash of colors. Mark is phenomenal 💕

  2. Tracy Gray says:

    I love the photos that you showed. We also just redid our kitchen and we chose light gray kitchen and like you we have lots of natural light and I love it. Looking good.

  3. Kitty says:

    I like a brighter kitchen as well. My husband and I are tackling the kitchen in the summer. Hope it looks as nice as yours.

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