The Grand House, The Row House

We Have This Thing For Exposed Brick

Maybe Mark was a mason in his former life because he (and I!) LOOOOVE exposed brick.

It’s was a main feature in our first home renovation.

The small rowhouse we gutted and totally redid had fireplaces EVERYWHERE!

Our second renovation will feature exposed brick but not as prominently, because we’re going for a different style with this house.

As Mark exposes the brick, some of it is in decent shape and some of it is not.

The brick in the kitchen had to be cleaned and repointed.

In our first house, we used a light coating of muriatic acid on the brick to get the plaster completely off.

We used a sprayer and then a coarse brush to get all the pieces off.


We haven’t had to use acid in the second renovation.

We’re hoping the exposed brick in this house will add a modern twist to an otherwise classic Victorian house!

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