The Dating-Like Ritual of Finding #MomFriends

Finding #MomFriends is so hard! My sister has to be my #MomFriend because we’re related and our mother would yell at her if she wasn’t.

But finding your tribe of Momma friends isn’t easy. I kinda think it’s like dating and we’re all on a Tinder playground swiping left and right as our kids play.

Henry is almost two and a half. He wants to play with other kids, and I want him to play with other kids so I can take a break from making truck noises with my mouth.

Here’s how you find new #MomFriends. You scope out the playground to see what mom parents like you do.

Is the mom involved? Or too involved? Or is she sitting on the park bench pretending she doesn’t see her kid acting like a total a-hole and not doing anything about it?

Once you find a mom, you exchange names and, if you’re anything like me, you immediately forget her name and only remember her kid’s name.

You then go through THE LIST. The list includes things like…how old is your kid, is he a good sleeper, a good eater, etc…

I then share things to see if this mom is my kind of lady.

Things like…my Henry has a steady diet of frozen Trader Joe’s meatballs. There’s a certain subset of women who won’t be your #MomFriend if you’re child doesn’t eat all organic.

Then I’ll share that we did the cry-it-out method to get Henry to sleep. Certain moms think that cry-it-out is akin to abuse and that the child is forever scarred by it. Henry doesn’t remember it and he sleeps LIKE A CHAMP.

At this point in the over-sharing, I usually know if this mom and I have the same vibe.


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