Demolition, Family, Heavy lifting

There’s no substitute for hard work.

I am tired. My hands hurt. And I hear the “whack whack whack” of a hammer against plaster in my sleep.

No one said this would be easy.

But they should have said – “IT’S GOING TO BE REALLY FREAKING HARD!”

We are in the FINAL STAGE of our demolition…and it’s the most tedious.


We are on a MISSION to get the last bit of remaining mortar off the brick. We have a TEAM approach. Person #1 goes first with a small scraper and scrapes each brick and tries to even out the mortar…


Person #2 follows with a “deck scrub” brush and brushes the wall like there’s no tomorrow. (A perfect job for my dad because the man was born with muscles)


Favorite brother-in-law/person #3 then VACUUMS the brick to get all the loose mortar and dust off…


And then…after all that…it’s time to spray the acid. That’s about as happy a person can look holding a bucket of muriatic acid…


The acid not only cleans the brick but evens out the color of the mortar.


We do notice a huge difference…my husband is jazzed about it and talks to the brick when he’s finished. 🙂


I’ve got some BEFORE and AFTER pictures I’m going to post later. I hope you all notice a difference too…if not, you’ll have to lie to me because after this much work, I can’t handle disappointment.

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Demolition, Heavy lifting

Demolition Days

I hate dust.  Like…really, really hate it.

We’re basically ripping the house down to the studs and starting the renovation from there.


We had to pull down the ceiling to see which way the joists run because we’re going to move the stairs, and we have to make sure we don’t move anything that’s structural.  Trying to keep the house from falling in on us and staying alive is priority NUMERO UNO.

Every time we pulled down a ceiling tile, a huge cloud of black dust would fall over us…


It’s not asbestos…we had that checked.

You know how your family will always help you do the stuff that no one else will, like moving??  Well, it turns out they’ll help you renovate too…and they’ll do it for free.


But I will be buying them lots of pizza and beer.  It’s only fair.