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Marriage isn’t what I thought it was going to be

Today is my 2-year wedding anniversary which means I have accumulated LOTS of wisdom that I’m now allowed to disperse to others. 🙂

I had no idea when I walked down the aisle that I was not marrying Mark, but a superhuman who is the epitome of Bob Vila, Ty Pennington and Scott McGillivray all in one person.


When we tied the knot, I figured we’d have a nice house in the suburbs with a garage and maybe a pool. Now, I’ve got dirty, dusty rowhouse in the city that needs new plumbing, a new roof and a TOTAL REHAB of the inside…and I couldn’t LOVE it more.

IMG_0731 (1)

As a new wife, I thought I might have to help out cutting the grass and changing the lightbulbs. I never imagined my wifely duties would include hanging drywall, chipping off plaster and mastering a table saw.

photo (1)

When we got married, I knew that Mark was cool and funny and liked to fix stuff.


Never, IN MY WILDEST DREAMS, did I know that my husband was capable of building an entire house from the studs up and that he would work tirelessly and never complain. At our wedding, Mark said that he was the lucky one…but now we know that I am. 🙂


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