Super EXCITING news!!!

I have never been more excited in my life. NEVER.

My beautiful sister, Kelly, is HAVING A BABY!!! Aunt Courtney is literally bursting with JOY!! I’m going to take that little punkin’ everywhere!!


You’ll remember that I shared Kelly’s very poignant and moving story about the miscarriage she had six months ago. The loving response she got from that blog post was so terrific that she decided to continue to blog about her pregnancy adventures:

And for your viewing pleasure…this is what happened when Kelly told me she was pregnant. (Watch your volume button, I get kinda loud!)

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My brave and beautiful sister

Kelly is my younger sister and I’ve always seen myself as the one who needs to protect her, but now I know she’s stronger than I ever imagined.


Today’s post isn’t about our house, but about something that happened to Kelly that was heartbreaking for our entire family.

Back in May, Kelly told us she was pregnant. It was a COMPLETE SURPRISE and the whole family was so excited that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

It was going to be the FIRST grandchild and my parents were OVER THE MOON.

Kelly and her husband got their first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. Then, last month, Kelly had a miscarriage.

We all were DEVASTATED…especially Kelly and her husband. She decided to write a blog about what she went through in hopes of helping other women. She is so brave and honest and just the most special woman I know.

Please click here for her story: